10 February 2008


NYC weather is having really bad mood swings. yesterday-today i feel like i experienced everything from thunder, rain, wind, storm, snow, sun, blue sky, grey sky. 

this weekend, was the end of ny fashion week. some of my favorite looks were from mj (but not m y mj),staerk, rodarte, y-3, phi, ck,...and etc. but i'm really lazy to name the rest. ny has too many designers. sdigjsngsjghaifhasojvhbsa i can't wait until junya, rei, yohji, limi, & rick ,ann demeuelueemeueleumeester.

friday night we went to tribeca grand where i think adidas hosted a party? ii am really not sure but all i know is there were many people in black and a pretty russian lady with an amzing fur jacket. we did not make it to jeremy's party, but saw everyone that went to that party at annex. i met freja in the bathroom (the annex bathroom is where i meet everyone, i swear to god). and she is really hot.

stacy, you are totally my muse.

this blur is actually from yesterday night. unexpected outing all over the place. it wa freezing. mar has nice legs.

dear l.a. peoples. i found this on  joyrich (http://joyrich.wordpress.com/). please visit and pick up a copy of "white panties" on your way out. weeeeee.

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