26 February 2008

i'm a vampire

photos from seven/bernard willhelm party.

i will eat you.

thom has amazing clothes
i want preston's hair.

february birthdays are the bestest.
(photo credit yuki chan.)
i realize i don't bring my camera out anymore because 1) it gets more broken than it already is 2)i rely on others to take fotos and tell them to "post it on facebook".
i'm a vampire 'cause i woke up at 5:50pm today and now it's 6:20am it's now a "new day" but i am becomming sleepy. i was eating pretzels all night-morning and my stomach feels like a sponge. i am also waiting if any websites will post up fotos from junya. i think it happened already. but i'm not sure of the time difference. france is in the future. weiirddd.


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Matthew said...

Love it, love it! Excellent photos and fun...

Happy birthday-past, vampire-ri...