20 February 2008

i am birthday twins with yoko ono

and myron, chi of heartschallenger, and dr.dre.

it was my birthday monday. too bad i was sicky poo the moment i turned 21.. my birthdays have progressivly gone worse every year. last year i was super sad i turned two decades, like i felt like i was having my mid-life crisis. (this is one reason why my mom says i have peter pan syndrome). one of my favorite birthdays was my 18th. my friends threw myron & i a birthday party and everyone that mattered was there. the boy i love planned it and he never does things like that...and to gather lots of people that you love in one location is just so wonderful!

b lblBlablablabla i need to do croquis

i am 90% recovered from being sick. it's almost like a plague. i've never seen so many people absent in class or the last three weeks.

today i saw yelle with mar hayley and her sister. yelle is sooooo cute. and her drummer and keyboarder are even cute-r. she's really going to blow up. i feel it in my bones.



Fresh said...

you're great and happy 21st

ChiliLady said...

your blog is awesomeness, i added it to my favourits!

Emily Malan said...

i put that picture as my background on my mac :)