21 January 2008

worse than any hangovers

i have a headache from overdosing on sleep. today I slept for eleven hours after a red eye flight from san jose -> new york. it's f'n cold here.

i always come back here feeling like

my body needs losangeles, where it is sunny all year long, and where the people love me.  i want to be happpppppyyyyyyy. that's why i have a headache. heartache.

i miss everybody. 


Matthew said...

You know my friend from California says it's depressing in Michigan with all the snow and gloom. She bought herself a lamp from Lowes which I dubbed her SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamp. She says it makes her happy. Invest, perhaps?

Emily Malan said...

Pasadena is flipping cold. and rainy.
It's depressing. I'm like having a bad month.