06 January 2008

we made too many u-turns, but somehow ended up home.

homehome. home.
sometimes, home is just a feeling

today i visited yukichan in her hometown/sf. i always wondered what it would be like to grow up in a city. suburbia is the worst.

i am trying to go to my homeland this summer- japan- to intern. america is making me too bland and i know i'm much more experimental. no offense. although, it's weird because everytime i go to japan i don't feel confident enough to say i am japanese. but when i'm in the u.s. and i am proud to say i am japanese. i am such a half-assed bilingual.
i love dropsnap and tokyobopper. look at these men. i want to dress them.
they are my muuuuuuse

boy1 the simple black and white, sportswear/diorhomme/rocknroll
boy2 jesus hair, duh
boy3 oversize xxxl top paired with skinny pants. sillouette is love
boy4 part grunge, part bohemia, part 1800s london. i love dirtyness alot.
(credit dropsnap)

boy candy jamie burke + a prada boy. things that were missing under my xmas tree.

1 comment:

Emily Malan said...

i like the san francisco pictures.
i wish i went there more this break.

and i have a similar pair of sunglasses as you.

and you're right.
suburbia is the worst.