08 October 2007

fashion week entry

I always have to do fashion week review/reports for school anyway.
general notes:
where the hell is gemma
why did agyness dye her hair
i'm glad color is still 'in'
so is sheer and sequins

Jeremy Scott- just because I love him. it was kind of outrageous sometimes, but that's why I am diggin his styleeee

my friend did those prints and measuring tape pants (which are really fun)!!!

Limi Feu- mmmm i've been a big fan of her for the longest time and she's finally made it to Paris. good for her. if you love Yohji but think his clothes aren't girly enough check Limi out. like father like daughter.
limi feu

then I really like these pieces from..

mercibeacoup (tokyo)

ne-net (tokyo)

armand basi


alexander wang

yesterday michael and i both wore outfits inspired by the chanel collection-not planned! it was so funny too because i never wear my denim jacket with anything denim on the bottom but i wore them with overalls. and of course i had this make-up going on from karl lagerfeld's show:

doing unnecessary things like that in the morning helps me jumpstart my day. i can't sleep until 3am on the daily because my last coffee/caffiene is so late in the p.m. what's WEIRD is during the day I can get a venti and still manage to sleep through lecture. but now i'm up, it's 3:10 a.m. Tomorrow is my hardest day. I have class from 9 to 730pm.

now i'm sleepy

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