14 October 2007

come with me, come with me, we'll travel to infinity

(drawing for today. yay)

me, tiff(fukmi), mar, eddie, hayley, and her friend went to see the klaxons last friday and it was soooooooooooooooooooo good. like sooooooooooooooo good it made me so happy. especially since this week was hell week number one. (yeah midterm phase has started already, which means for a few weeks i'll be in zombie mode). anyways my fotos suck, i know. i'm not mark hunter so give me a break. but the blurryness kind of reflects how the concert was, it was so klaxon. me and hayley actually walked by them before the concert and they were going to a bar. it was 7pm and they played at like 9pm. they were drunk, but i was amazed how in tune they were. me and tiff are going to steal simon taylor from lovefoxxx of css. he had a baby pink guitar and a gold glittery one. and what his face, i dont know, had a silver glittery bracelt. i want it so bad.

then we posted at tiff's and talked about fashion because thats what parsons kids do.
and we ended the night with human tetris.

i love japanese people.

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